Life Drawing

Drawing & Putting It All Together

Running Time
82 Minutes

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$55.00 US

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EXPRESSIVE DRAWING & PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER is the eighth in a series of eight classical life drawing video workshops. This video involves optical illusions and combines techniques that expand and develop your own personal drawing style.

It provides both female and male nude models posing alone and/or together in real-time for maximum viewer participation.

This video approximates a live classroom situation, and includes split-screen demos and examples of student work at different levels.

EXPRESSIVE DRAWING & PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER includes the “ant-eye view” or exaggerated perspective, and explores the use of wash, ink and mixed-media techniques.

Materials needed for EXPRESSIVE DRAWING

White or light colored drawing paper

Charcoal, pencil, pen or Conté

Watercolor or ink

Brushes, one each, large and medium

Palette, pie tin or plate and container for water

Rag, towel or sponge

DVD - ISBN#1-56568-025-1
MP4 - ISBN#1-56568-038-3