Life Drawing

Running Time
80 Minutes

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GESTURE introduces the series and suggests materials necessary for the workshops. Learn to capture the essence of the pose as quickly as possible. The "meaningful scribble": action, direction, impulse, movement. Exercises in memory and empathy.

GESTURE is the first in a series of eight classical life drawing video workshops.

GESTURE provides female and male nude models posing in real-time for maximum viewer participation. No need to rewind.

GESTURE approximates a live classroom situation, and includes split-screen demos and examples of student work at different levels.

GESTURE also forms the backdrop for the series as a whole and suggests materials and books.

Materials needed for GESTURE:

  • Newsprint pad approximately 18” x 24” or butcher paper

  • Charcoal (or marking pens or even crayons)

DVD - ISBN#1-56568-018-9
MP4 - ISBN#1-56568-031-6