Life Drawing
These workshops bring the viewer into a simulated classroom setting for maximum learning and hands-on participation. Whether you are a complete beginner or are already experienced in painting the figure in watercolor and want to learn an enriching new approach, these lessons offer inspiration and techniques to satisfy all levels of ability.The lessons are available as DVD's or downloadable MP4 file. Download times for the MP4's will depend on your internet service. The files are about 1GB each in size.


The Gestural

This workshop lays the groundwork for the series - seeing, simplifying and painting the figures as a solid gestural form, learning to leave white space, showing depth and overlapping using tonal variations, and the use of watercolor pencils. More Info

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Continuation of the gestural approach with an introduction to the use of colormixing as it relates to the figure. Painting in the shadow shapes, lost and found edges, wet into wet and glazing techniques for building layers are demonstrated. More Info

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Both Watercolor
Complete watercolor series.

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