Life Drawing

The Gestural

Running Time
90 Minutes

Special Price
$45.00 US

Jump right in and paint figures just as you see them, without penciling them in. Ruth Block shows how to use white space, depth, overlapping, and other expressive techniques to recognize and represent the figure as a solid form.

THE GESTURAL APPROACH lays the groundwork for this series. Seeing the figure as a solid gestural form, leaving white spaces, showing depth and overlapping through the use of tonal variation, and the use of watercolor pencils are introduced in this lesson.

THE GESTURAL APPROACH approximates a live classroom situation, and includes split-screen demos and examples of student work at different levels.

Materials needed for THE GESTURAL APPROACH:

  • Brush - Medium (#10-#16) round or flat
  • Paint - Tube pigments or good quality pan set
  • Paper - 9" x 12" or larger, 70 lb. to 80 lb
  • Watercolor pencils or watercolor crayons
  • Palette - Large white mixing surface

DVD - ISBN#1-56568-001-4

MP4 - ISBN#11-56568-042-1